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Free Bicycle Rent

Improvement of Personal Health

Bike riding is often associated with the improvement of physical health. This habit boosts mental and emotional health. It improves your balance and posture, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, strength, and overall mood as well. Plus, riding your bike gives you a chance to get outdoors and get some fresh air.

The personal health benefits of bike riding are numerous.

In addition, people living in urban places know how tough it can be to hear noise from traffic the early morning. You can’t get a good night’s sleep.

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A person’s refinement and disposition are naturally displayed in the way he walks, stands, sits, and lies down.

修養、気質というものは、 日常の行往坐臥の行儀作法の中に 自然に現れる。

Le Premier Hotel Kota Deltamas Guest Caring (Covid-19 Protection)
Our Commitment to Care    ケアへの取り組み
We're committed to enhanced levels of cleanliness, as we reimagine the hotel experience. ホテルの体験を再考するにあたり、私たちは清潔さのレベルを高めることに取り組んでいます。

Other Facilities & Services

  • Playground


    With total area 3,500 m² for creating a serene tranquil sanctuary to relax away from urban noise for daily and long stay.
  • Cielsowal 美容室

    Cielsowal 美容室

  • Japanese Restaurant

    Japanese Restaurant

    We have implemented the most stringent of hygiene and safety measures for food preparation, set-up and service, so that you and your loved ones can dine with confidence and peace of mind.

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