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Zen Pond


Creating a serene tranquil sanctuary to relax away from urban noise for daily and long stay.

The cultures of Far East Asia, due to their millennia-old civilisations and their well-developed design sensibilities, are known for their expertise with ornamental ponds. They have a knack for creating understated, yet highly impactful designs that incorporate the concepts of balance, minimalism, and harmony. Their designs often highlight the relaxing sound of water.

The Japanese are especially known for their Zen gardens, which are usually equipped with water features due to their traditional beliefs (rooted in Buddhism, Shintoism, and Taoism).

The Japanese pagoda makes an appearance in so many oriental ponds, not just because it is a stately fixture that draws the eye, but because of its symbolism. Its many tiers represent the journey to higher awareness and quality of perception. It is a symbol of wisdom and harmony that takes its roots from Buddhist beliefs.

The oriental pond is not simply an attractive focal point in a garden, it literally displays the philosophical notions of its creator!

Water is symbolic of renewal, continuity, tranquility
and spiritual purification
Others Instagramable Area is  WOODEN DECK TERRACE

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Over time, we can build great character, achieve great success, and cultivate great virtue.

時間を用いて、人格を形成することも 事業を成就させることも、 また功徳を積むこともできる。

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We're committed to enhanced levels of cleanliness, as we reimagine the hotel experience. ホテルの体験を再考するにあたり、私たちは清潔さのレベルを高めることに取り組んでいます。

Other Facilities & Services

  • Cielsowal 美容室

    Cielsowal 美容室

  • Fitness Room

    Fitness Room

    Be Smart and Fit! Mind and body are interrelated and no quality accommodation would be complete without sporting facilities.
  • Fun Mini Golf

    Fun Mini Golf

    Le Premier Hotel provide the new facility for build stability & improve of your swing.

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